KYS (KnowYourStaff) App

KYS is a trust platform that enables the discerning public cooperate to deter crime, enhance transparency and the level of accountability that keeps our homes safe and businesses secure. Cooperating entails you making use of the tools available to contribute content via staff registration, regular job appraisals and reporting errant employees.

Let’s cooperate to keep our homes safe and businesses secure.

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4 Easy Steps

Account Types

A better way to know your staff

  • Biometric Enrolment

    Enroll your staff to have their images and fingerprint samples captured.

  • Medical Diagnostics

    Screen your staff for communicable diseases and other physical examinations to ensure they are the right fit for the job.

  • Background Check

    Verify the information provided by your staff to confirm their authenticity.

Download Free Forms for Documenting Your Employees

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